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The KIMEA Composition Competition was established in 2019 to promote composition in membership schools across Korea. The competition has continued to gain momentum and we are excited for our third competition. As students are offered the opportunity to create, we have no doubt that it is a reflection of the outstanding music instruction that takes place throughout our member schools.

As we continue to teach amid uncertainty and circumstances that challenge large group performances, we will continue to persevere and work to provide our students with a meaningful music education. We are hopeful that you will use our Composition Competition as a purposeful outlet to foster creativity in your classrooms. We are excited to announce that the theme of this year's competition is: The Four Seasons.

As you encourage your students to consider entering the competition, we hope the resources included are beneficial and can be incorporated into your curriculum. You will find the addition of student prompt worksheets, guiding questions, reflection templates, and scoring rubrics included in this handbook. We really anticipate and look forward to receiving entries from your students. Additionally, your queries, feedback, comments, and ideas are always welcome.

Let the composing commence!

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